Counter Network, Wikileaks

23 Oct

I believe that there is a need of transparency from a respected government from a respected country. The need to know what our government is up to that would affect our lives, the need to know what threats are upon us, and the need to know if our government is doing their job. Wikileaks does just that, created by Julian Paul Assange.

Assange’s mission was to expose injustice especially “highly oppressive regimes in China, Russia and Central Euresia” to expose secrets of government that conceals reality (Khatchadouran 2010). Information should not be kept from the public, and that the public has the rights to know. But would a country’s defence get potential threat of terrorism from the information available on the site? And is the creation of this site an act of terrorism itself?

This video might be lengthy, but it sure is worth watching.

[URL: ]

Why are the government afraid of this leaks? Traditional media these days, at least in some countries, are under the influence of the government themselves. WikiLeaks actually allows us to think critically, not having a narrow mind, and allowing us to open our eyes to what is really going on. The motive of the site serves as a platform for people around the world to know the truth that the traditional media cannot tell us. From the video, Assange mentioned that those information that people are working on to conceal, are the information that are worth knowing, and might make a change for the better for the society.

I personally think that WikiLeaks is one of the best thing that happened on the Internet today. No secrets hidden from the public so that the society would see the raw truth of their leaders actions. I believe that this would create an awareness globally, and the people would have the freedom to differentiate right and wrong.


Khatchadouran, R 2010, “No Secrets: Julian Assange’s mission for total transparency”, The New Yorker, accessed 23/10/2012,

TEDGlobal 2010, Julian Assange: Why the world needs WikiLeaks, accessed 23/10/2012,


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3 responses to “Counter Network, Wikileaks

  1. meinyee

    November 14, 2012 at 3:14 am

    As we can see, people nowadays are just belong to three categories of being citizen- 1) those who very concern about country politics issue, 2) those who just want to know what is happening around and do nothing and 3) not interested in any politics issue. Thus, wikileaks is just like provided citizens all uncensored information and from there everyone know the truth of it. But think twice, how many of us are actually interested to know all those uncensored information? 10%? 90% of citizens?

  2. irenechia

    November 15, 2012 at 3:31 pm

    By using Wikileaks, we can really see what the government do behind the citizens. Whether the government is doing their jobs to make the country better. By knowing all the truth will somehow lead us to choose the better party during election. I guess, there must ‘something’ that the government shouldn’t do and that’s why they are afraid of Wikileaks. Besides, I also think that Wikileaks is the best organization because we can actually know the raw truth that hidden from us.

  3. aryssafahmy

    November 16, 2012 at 3:57 pm

    When it comes to this, there are pros and cons. It’s either knowing the truth make things worse or it will improve on what needs to be improve. One can never know. But I must say, through WikiLeaks, one is able to think critically and not judge straight away on knowing only angle. WikiLeaks gives us the chance to learn and allow us to have our own opinions on certain important issues.


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