Twitter Changes the Way We Live

06 Oct

Who would have thought, that a 140-character word update to your followers idea could now have such importance to the social networking world? Who knew that updating about what is going on or what are you doing right now with such limited characters would be such a hit? I doubt that even the creators of Twitter would expect Twitter to have such an impact to how we communicate today.

Real time updates on Twitter allows your followers to know what you are up to at that exact moment. Johnson (2009) describes it as something like a phone call asking your friends how’s their day and Twitter allows that without having to ask. It is like you giving permission to your followers to stalk you with your knowledge.

Twitter has become a tool for open conversations, news feed, and even an advertising tool used by some companies. Twitter has even become an educational use as well. Take this subject for example (Global Networks), we use Twitter to give feeds about our topic each week, as updates to our assessment task by including #digc202 after every tweet. And if you were to search #digc202 on Twitter, everyone’s feed can be seen.

With that same concept, companies use the “#” function to update their followers (or customers) on the most recent updates on products; people with same interests use this function as a socializing tool; news are spread across even more faster than before, people are now able to know there’s an earthquake from another part of the globe while its happening.

Ironically, what was once a social networking tool that give a bad impression is the same tool that changed our ways of communicating. In a way, changed our lives as well.


Johnson, S 2009, “How twitter will change the way we live”, Time Magazine, 5 June, p1-4, accessed 6/10/012,,9171,1902818-1,00.html


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3 responses to “Twitter Changes the Way We Live

  1. jeswena

    October 30, 2012 at 7:11 am

    Twitter really does effect the way we line in a sense that, it is now much easier for us to organize information. Like you said, Twitter has that hashtag application where similar topics tweeted by different individuals all over the world can be organized onto one platform. With all the information there, we just need to take it everything as we would in a debate and come up with our own conclusion on what is the truth. Also, when many people say the same thing there is bound to be a certain level of truth in it, which shows what information is the closest to the facts.

  2. rozzy13

    November 16, 2012 at 1:03 pm

    Twitter is, in a way, an alternative media to help connect people. By updates of statuses, one can keep up with what a friend is doing or going through without constantly have to call that person up to ask about him or her. With just a few clicks, you can keep in touch with a friend who can be miles away. You can also “mention” another user during tweets, and connect with more friends without having the trouble to spend much time dialling the phone or make up time to meet up when sometimes you really cannot find time to do so. Having said, the lack human touch in this form of communication is still a factor for Twitter to be irreplaceable with actual human contact fellowship.

  3. aryssafahmy

    November 16, 2012 at 2:57 pm

    I like the way you explain the “#” and the example you use to explain it. It makes things more organize when using that tool for it gives Twitter user an easier way to search what they are looking for. To me using that tool is like a newer search engine other than using Google. I have been using Twitter since 2010 and the amount of information I’ve managed to get by just using that tool is rather amazing. I managed to gain lots of information by just using that tool and of course by following the right account. Social networks nowadays such as Twitter are still able to help promote business or products even though there’s a limit on how many words one can tweet. But then, if one is creative enough to use the right words, it is not impossible.


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