Weblog, Mass Amateurization

27 Sep

The rise of Weblogs creates a mass amateurization in the publishing field. With Weblogs, any ordinary person could share opinion about an issue or to even report about the most recent thing that is going on and this is where the mass amateurization takes place. What seems to be a profession – print publishing is now done by ordinary people.

The traditional media’s concept is seen as one-to-many, where one publishing company, caters to a mass audience. But the Weblog on the other hand, is many-to-many. More information can be found on Weblogs compared to a newspaper publishing. Print publishing come from one specific company, having assigned professionals to look for news in a specific area, which makes that particular piece only having one angle or direction to the story. Weblog allows readers to read about a specific topic from different Weblogs that have different point of views, and in a way also allowing readers to have their own thoughts.

Weblog crushes intrinsic value as well. Shirky says that “Print publishing acts as a filter”, If one would want to publish a piece for instance, one would need to convince a publishing company that his or her work is worth publishing. The fact is, no publishing company would publish a work of an author that does not have a quality. He added that Weblogs have “unlimited reproduction and distribution of the written word, for a low and fixed cost”. True enough, there is only the need of an internet connection and a computer or handheld device and you are good to go. There is no filter involved in Weblogging, only interest.

Though the majority of amateurs will always be amateurs as Shirky said, but in a way, Weblogs gives the power to express, share, and discuss our thoughts with one another.



Shirky, C 2002, Weblogs and the Mass Amateurization of Publishing, Economics & Culture, Media & Community, Open Source, accessed 27/9/2012,


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5 responses to “Weblog, Mass Amateurization

  1. kaytesk

    October 30, 2012 at 2:48 pm

    It is true that weblog allows everyone to share anything they want on the internet. I own a private blog and I used to blog about my life, peoples around me and so on. Besides, blogging allow an ordinary person to become very famous too. For example like , this girl just started to blog few years ago and she’s a famous blogger now. Her facebook fan page hits 90 thousand likes. Besides, she is very influential. Some of her friend are doing some online business and she help in advertise for them. Whenever she promotes the page or the product, it will become very high demand soon.

  2. lucasleehn

    November 16, 2012 at 10:01 am

    Weblog today has not only become one of the platform for sharing information but it also used as profits earning. In my opinion, people are shifting their media use for information resources from main stream media to weblog. Most of these happens to the young adults and slowly it spread to the older adults. People prefer to read news or gather info in blog because there were not gatekeepers or any filters to be done for what they write. Most of us might take information from the blog as a trustworthy resources but this could anytime become a backfire. However, because of the massive audience have shift to the blogging world, many businesses would take this opportunity to advertise on their blog for brand awareness. One of these successful advertising company who started of this is nuffnang. Bloggers not only getting paid for advertising the product but they also have benefits for doing that.

  3. rozzy13

    November 16, 2012 at 11:50 am

    One thing about print publishing is that they still maintain the reputation of maintaining literature quality. With weblogging arising rapidly as one of the most popular hobbies, publishing companies actually has a wider choice of option to scout for good writings. Weblogs can either improve one’s writing skill, or go the other way, since usage of abbreviation is so rampant nowadays, one may not even know how to spell correctly. Hence, depending on the attitude of the blogger, mass amateurization could actually work as a tool to train one’s skill in journalism – hence the word, “amateurization”, i.e. the process of becoming skilled or experienced.

  4. aryssafahmy

    November 16, 2012 at 2:20 pm

    Last time I only think Weblog as a virtual diary. But after going through a lot of blogs, people use it not only for personal use but to also make business out of it by selling products such as clothes, accessories, phone accessories and many more. And by being active and spreading the words through various social media website such as Facebook and Twitter, people will just press the link and check what the blog is all about. Other than making business out of it, one can also gain more information on certain issues like Arab Spring for example. News cable and newspapers sometimes sugar coat their words and sometimes not tell everything. Therefore, through blog, one can gain more information and sometimes the truth. To make it short, through weblog, one can read from different angles and not just read by one angle.

  5. renesha90

    November 19, 2012 at 7:18 am

    I feel that focusing on the importance of weblogs with quality should be a must as the Internet trend is filled with blog post after blog post after blog post. It is true that weblogs need to have a certain amount of quality to attract readers to pay a visit. Why would we want to visit a blog which has absolutely no quality and no worthiness at all! Which kinda amazes me of some bloggers who managed to have so many readers but with such terrible content! I suppose in the youngsters mindsets, popularity of someone is more important to keep track on, rather than the actual genuine content posted.


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