The Cultural Logic of Media Convergence, Prosumer

19 Sep

The era that we live in now is where ways of communication is always changing in out contemporary life from how we learn, interact, create, and consume with one another (Jenkins n.d.). Let’s first start with defining the term “Media Convergence”. Media Convergence explains the fusion or merging of several media to operate as one. The best example would be the how companies from the traditional media utilized the unlimited use of the Internet.

“The digital revolution paradigm claimed that new media was going to change everything” (Jenkins 2006). Well, with having access to the Internet through the computer, TV series can be streamed online, movies can be downloaded, online newspapers and magazines are available, and we could even listen to the radio online. Then suddenly, traditional media has lesser demand.

But it just doesn’t stop there, with the rise of smart phones and tablet PCs, it would be no surprise if computers get outdated, having the power of a desktop computer in a handheld device and can be carried around in our pockets or handbags. Being able to perform any task a computer can along with the functions of a phone.

The ways of how we communicate with one another now is somewhat redefined. With the Internet, distance does not matter anymore. Social media and sharing sites connects almost everyone in the world together in the global village, allowing consumers to take media to their own hands, consuming the media and then producing their perception, then the media becomes consumer driven – in other words, a Prosumer -. Jerkins argues that “When people take media into their own hands, the results can be wonderfully creative; they can also be bad news for all involved.” True to that, it can be wonderful when several ideas of people form different parts of the world from an original song, are compiled to create something new. Here’s an example:

Bad news can be involved to, because the information in the Internet can be accessed by anyone that has connection. Valuable information maybe used against certain parties. Some irresponsible consumers might even make up a false news to create havoc just so they can. These issues are often seen done about political or government issues.

Media convergence is taking new forms in countless ways and it is almost impossible to foresee. My guess is, to think small where you can have more.


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4 responses to “The Cultural Logic of Media Convergence, Prosumer

  1. ramconvergmedia

    October 14, 2012 at 3:24 pm

    I agree, in this era we are living in now, communication is always changing in out contemporary life from how we learn, interact, create, and consume with one another, there a numerous number ways to communication. This is also thanks to “Media Convergence” where several kinds of media and technologies fusion or merge together to operate as one. The Internet is a good example.

  2. meinyee

    October 15, 2012 at 4:47 pm

    It is so true that with media convergence, we are able to multitask and perform in a better way. However media convergence also create barrier on face to face conversation. We are too rely on digital media, social networking website and gadgets. In fact, you may come across to this situation as you can talk many things to a person when chat on Facebook but not in real life.

  3. ramconvergmedia

    October 26, 2012 at 4:19 pm

    I agree that communication is always changing in our contemporary world and with that, the way we learn, create, consume information and interact with one another, We should be thankful to “Media Convergence where several kinds of media and technologies fuse or merge together to operate as one”, and make our lives more convenient. Yes, like you say, the Internet, the smart phones and tablet PCs are good examples. I like what you say about distance does not matter anymore. I also agree that the convergence of media and its technologies have transformed ordinary folks into Prosumers “who take the media into their own hands …… and then producing their perception” – Comment by Ram Peow Loong Naidu

  4. aryssafahmy

    November 16, 2012 at 1:33 pm

    One thing about being able to connect to the internet through your phones at anytime and anywhere, it will kind of effect certain people when they are out and about with their friends and families. Some people have the ability to control themselves on being an internet addict. But some can’t. Other than that, internet can sometimes lead to miscommunication. Like you stated on your second last paragraph that some people tend to misuse the internet by creating false news and havoc.


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